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    Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling Temecula, CA

    Services by Bilt-Rite Construction helps families enjoy the home they have. We cover everything from initial design to the cleanup, ensuring that your home is in peak condition for day-to-day living when the job is done. Throughout the remodeling process, we ensure that you're in charge of everything from choosing your ideal materials and selecting the add-ons that will fit your family's needs. You won't regret choosing us for any bathroom or kitchen renovation. Our years of experience and passion for helping homeowners have made us well-known throughout Temecula! Contact us today!

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    Kitchen Remodeling

    kitchen contractor Temecula ca

    Finding a good contractor is half the struggle of a kitchen remodeling project. Kitchen renovations are among the most common ways that homeowners invest in their house as this room serves a core function for the family.

    Ultimately you want a contractor that will work with your needs and wants rather than against them. If you want to move your kitchen sink and that requires permits, then Services by Bilt-Rite Construction will help move that process along. Homeowners should have a kitchen contractor that has access to desirable and high-quality materials with an eye for innovative design and a desire to bring your dream kitchen to life.

    Kitchen Design and Build Services

    custom kitchen cabinets Temecula CA

    Our build services can help you evaluate what options you have with the restrictions of your home. In most cases, it is possible for a complete gut-and-rebuild. Moving walls to create a more open space, moving islands, or restructuring cabinetry layouts are often possible. To learn more about what's available in your home, it's important that you speak with a skilled kitchen contractor. These contractors can help you evaluate how you can create a highly functional and visually engaging kitchen.


    Bathroom Remodeling

    custom bathroom cabinets Temecula ca

    From small bathrooms to sprawling masters, many homeowners don't realize the vast options they have when it comes to bathroom design. It is possible to work with a contractor with skills in electrical, plumbing, layout, and design. Working with these extraordinarily skilled bathroom contractors allowed homeowners to get the best use out of their space, no matter the size.

    Our bathroom remodeling contractors join together with homeowners to implement shower solutions, mirrored walls, frameless shower doors, and shower benches. There are numerous ways to build, expand, and outfit your bathroom to create a more comfortable and luxurious space for your household.

    Have you considered the cost of remodeling your bathroom? One of the key elements and remodeling is the price point, and you can discuss your budget with one of our contractors today. Scheduling your free quote with Services by Bilt-Rite Construction by completing the form below.

    Bathroom Expansions and Conversions

    When buying a house, most people focus their attention on the kitchen and general Living Spaces. The result is that many homeowners are dissatisfied with their bathroom layouts and size. It is possible to renovate, remodel, expand, or convert any size bathroom.

    A powder room or half-bath might have the accessibility to expand an exterior or interior wall. Similarly, a small bathroom might need to bump out an exterior wall or cultivate a new layout to deliver more space.

    Our team often takes on special projects in regard to bathroom accessibility and implementing accommodations to ease day-to-day life. We are a team of established local contractors that offer honest work and transparency in every step of the project.

    Even master bathrooms can have trouble with their layouts, and they may require conversions. It's possible to convert your shower tub combo to a walk-in shower, create vanities, and more. Bathroom extensions and conversions can also be a small part of a larger project.

    For example, if you are looking to take on an interior design contractor to have your basement finished, then a bathroom remodel might also be in the works. Bathroom expansions and conversions are commonly paired with other renovations. If you're looking at ways to get the most functionality and use out of your home, then it's likely he'll want to expand on the room that many people within the household use and everyone needs.

    To discuss bathroom renovation and expansion options, contact Services by Bilt-Rite Construction. Our team of skilled, licensed, and insured bathroom contractors can help discuss your bathroom needs and how expanding or implementing conversions could assist your family.

    Custom Cabinetry

    kitchen cabinets Temecula ca

    Custom cabinets are often the perfect storage and design solution for a kitchen renovation. Kitchen remodeling often focuses on the flooring, counters, and appliances, but don’t let the cabinets slip your mind. Unique finishes, stunning veneers, and outstanding hardware all play a role in the usefulness and appeal of your cabinets.

    Let your cupboards do more than hold your coffee cups. Use windowed cabinet doors to create a more open feeling. Or, carefully manage your drawer to cabinet ratio to create just the right amount of storage!

    Common features of modern kitchens include ceiling-affixed cabinetry,  lighting built into the cabinetry, and custom built-in storage. These are all options available to you. Meet with a kitchen renovation contractor to ensure that you understand all the options before you commit to a design plan or start your kitchen remodel.

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    With years of experience and a strong reputation as the best contractors in the area, our team always aims for excellence. Services by Bilt-Rite Construction hopes to help homeowners develop unique designs within their current house for various reasons. Whether the project is to create more space in the area or to create greater accessibility for those in the house, we are the right team for the job. Fully licensed and insured, you can always count on our team.

    Services by Bilt-Rite Construction offers unique kitchen and bathroom Design and Renovation options to homeowners. Our team enjoys going above and beyond to create innovative spaces and functional designs that fit your family. From materials to the layout, you have the final say in every step of the project. When we're ready to get started, call our offices. You set the time for the project, and then we ensure there is minimal disruption to your household.

    Services by Bilt-Rite Construction offers completely free quotes and consultations. Fill out a simple request with our online form, or call us to get your free quote.


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