Bathroom Remodeling Temecula CA

From floor-to-ceiling tile, toilet upgrades, and floating vanities, there are many ways you can remodel your bathroom. Services by Bilt-Rite Construction provide outstanding quality and unmatched craftsmanship when it comes to delivering work that will change the way you think about your bathroom.

Temecula is an older city, and many homeowners realize that their bathrooms may be small or cramped because of popular designs from decades ago. You can easily modernize and update your bathroom with a well-planned renovation.

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    Bathroom Contractor Temecula CA

    Finding a good contractor is often a struggle, and finding a good bathroom contractor can be even more difficult. Many bathroom contractors are quick to inform homeowners that certain changes or upgrades aren't possible. We are here to tell you differently.

    Services by Bilt-Rite Construction offer complete bathroom renovations, including pushing out walls to create more space and remapping fixtures. We are not afraid to apply for permits with the city and reassess your plumbing maps to get you space and functionality you need.

    bathroom contractor Temecula ca

    Design and Build Services for Bathrooms Temecula CA

    Design and build services can include expanding your current bathroom, upgrading outdated powder rooms, or even adding a bathroom to the home. With our many available services, it's possible to build an entirely new powder room or bathroom or completely redesign your existing rooms.

    Small Bathroom Remodeling Temecula CA

    Although it is possible to expand a small bathroom, it is just as reasonable to redesign the existing bathroom to get more use out of your space. Floating things, under-the-sink storage, walk-in showers, and more can all work to help make your small bathroom feel bigger.

    master bathroom renovations Temecula ca
    bathroom remodeling Temecula ca

    Master Bathroom Remodeling Temecula CA

    Your master bathroom may be big enough, but is it serving all of your needs? A master bathroom doesn't just have to be about utility. There are many ways you can remodel the master bath to elevate your experience at home. Bring in a doorless shower, install a deep tub, or put in a mirrored wall. With the master bathroom, there are almost no limits on your remodeling options.

    Custom Bathrooms Temecula CA

    Custom bathrooms can include adding a bath or shower, revitalizing the space with spa-like essence, or creating something you have never seen before. Our designers embrace unique and innovative designs. Custom bathrooms can include walk-in showers, walk-in bathtubs, side-by-side vanities, and more.

    Tile Services for Bathrooms Temecula CA

    Tile options for flooring and wall coverings are so popular in bathrooms because they are easy to clean and prevent water damage. The tile experts with Services by Bilt-Rite Construction can help you choose between the classic checked black and white tiles or wide marble slab flooring.

    Many homeowners enjoy discussing tile because of how far design options have come over the last few decades. There are options of backsplashes, custom textures, and countless colors available. Tile services don't limit bathroom design anymore. If anything, tile can open an even broader window for unique design.

    Tub to Shower Upgrades Temecula CA

    Tub to shower upgrades are often just one part of a bathroom remodel or renovation. Get all the information you need to get started with a free quote. Services by Bilt-Rite Construction provides an easy online form to get started with a free consultation. Complete it today to get your renovation started!